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LAST CHANCE! Once it's sold out, it's archived!

It's date night. You are filled with butterflies and your heart feels like cotton candy shooting excitement in your veins. You're at work, stressed out and flicking through the 100 tabs on your browser switching in and out of emails just in case your boss walks past. You are searching online for the last minute outfit because the 3 dresses you bought the other week just don't interest you anymore (and as always you will be to lazy to return them so will be collecting dust at the bottom of your closet). Then you find it, the perfect outfit, simple, elegant and understated. You just need the perfect accessory, *enter EMMELINE*!

EMMELINE is perfect for when you want an understated yet powerful piece of WOW. The mixed metal design completed with the golden sea shell will bring a touch of summer to your outfit all while being chic bohemian goddess.

It's 5pm, your dress is approximately an hour away, you made sure of this by spending an extra unnecessary $12.95 on the 4 hour delivery (Thank god for Afterpay - we've all been there) - Grab your keys girl, get home and get ready! Oh and there's no need to let him know your bringing a plus one, EMMELINE will happily introduce herself as she says hello while dangling from your ears.



  • Silver Alloy filled wreath front 
  • Surgical steel ear posts
  • Gold Alloy filled Shell 

*May Contain Nickel